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The v1.0 release of Shiki is a major rewrite that we took the chance to revise every design decision we made in the past. We originally had a separate package name as Shikiji to experiment with the new design, now it's merged back to Shiki as v1.0.

Learn more

Interested in the story behind v1.0? Check out this blog post for more details.

Migrate from v0.14

Compare to shiki@0.14.3, the list of breaking changes are:

Hard Breaking Changes

Breaking changes that you need to migrate manually:

  • CJS and IIFE builds are dropped. See CJS Usage and CDN Usage for more details.
  • codeToHtml uses hast internally. The generated HTML will be a bit different but should behave the same.
  • css-variables theme is no longer supported. Use the dual themes approach instead, or learn more at the Theme Colors Manipulation page.

Soft Breaking Changes

Breaking changes applies to main package shiki, but are shimmed by the compatible build @shikijs/compat:

  • Top-level named exports setCDN, loadLanguage, loadTheme, setWasm are dropped as they are not needed anymore.
  • BUNDLED_LANGUAGES, BUNDLED_THEMES are moved to shiki/langs and shiki/themes and renamed to bundledLanguages and bundledThemes respectively.
  • theme option for createHighlighter is dropped, use themes with an array instead.
  • Highlighter does not maintain an internal default theme context. theme option is required for codeToHtml and codeToTokens.
  • codeToThemedTokens is renamed to codeToTokensBase, a higher level codeToTokens is added.
  • codeToTokens sets includeExplanation to false by default.
  • .ansiToHtml is merged into .codeToHtml as a special language, ansi. Use .codeToHtml(code, { lang: 'ansi' }) instead.
  • lineOptions is dropped in favor of the fully customizable transforms option.
  • LanguageRegistration's grammar field is flattened to LanguageRegistration itself, refer to the types for more details.

Ecosystem Packages

  • shiki-twoslash has been completely rewritten. It's no longer a wrapper around Shiki highlighter, but instead, it's now a Shiki transformer that can be plugged in any integrations that supports SHiki transformers. The package is now @shikijs/twoslash.
  • Integrations of shiki-twoslash, like gatsby-remark-shiki-twoslash etc, will be slowly moved to a general Shiki version. Before that, you can use @shikijs/rehype or @shikijs/markdown-it to integrate Shiki into those meta-frameworks.
  • New official integrations like @shikijs/monaco, @shikijs/cli, @shikijs/rehype, @shikijs/markdown-it are introduced.
  • shiki-renderer-path and shiki-renderer-svg packages are being deprecated due to low usage. If need them, please open an issue with your use case, we are open to bring them back.
  • vuepress-plugin-shiki is deprecated as VuePress is no longer recommended. Its successor VitePress has a built-in Shiki integration.

Migrate from Shikiji

If you are already using Shikiji, first make sure you are on the latest minor v0.10. Then the migration should be very straightforward by renaming the packages:

  • shikiji -> shiki
  • shikiji-core -> @shikijs/core
  • shikiji-twoslash -> @shikijs/twoslash
  • shikiji-transformers -> @shikijs/transformers
  • shikiji-monaco -> @shikijs/monaco
  • shikiji-cli -> @shikijs/cli
  • markdown-it-shikiji -> @shikijs/markdown-it
  • rehype-shikiji -> @shikijs/rehype

Released under the MIT License.