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Shiki (式, a Japanese word for "Style") is a beautiful and powerful syntax highlighter based on TextMate grammar and themes, the same engine as VS Code's syntax highlighting. Provides very accurate and fast syntax highlighting for almost any mainstream programming language.

No custom RegExp to maintain, no custom CSS to maintain, no custom HTML to maintain. And as your favorite languages and themes in VS Code evolve - your syntax highlighting will evolve too.

Oh by the way, all the code blocks in this site are highlighted by Shiki, as you'd expect :)



Here is a little playground for you to try out how Shiki highlights your code. The other code blocks in this docs are rendered on the build time and ships statically, while this playground is rendered on the client side in the browser. Themes and languages are loaded on demand.


Install Shiki to use it in your project.

Bundle Size

You can inspect the bundle size in detail on

As of v1.1.6, measured at 22th, February 2024:

BundleSize (minified)Size (gzip)Notes
shiki6.9 MB1.3 MBAll themes and languages as async chunks
shiki/bundle/full6.9 MB1.3 MBSame as shiki
shiki/bundle/web4.2 MB748 KBAll themes and common web languages as async chunks
shiki/core106 KB34 KBCore engine without any themes or languages, compose on your own
shiki/wasm623 KB231 KBWASM binary inlined as base64 string

Released under the MIT License.